The content of my site is in black ecept the header,menu and the footer

  • juanpablo


    Hi, let me tell you this is a wonderfull theme, I’m really happy with it.

    I’ll apreciate your help greatly in tnis topic: The content of my site is in black except the header,menu and the footer. I’ve already found out this happens only if someone look at my website from a CPU or table computer (even if they use Mozilla firefox) but not at a laptop. If they use Window internet explorer they can only see my videos and the tag cloud at the sidebar.

    I’ll give you thanks in advance. Thanks for the great job you are doing.



    Hi juanpablo,

    First, the link to your website was entered incorrectly in your profile. You included one too many “w” in your link.

    I’m not sure exactly what you are asking here. But I’m using a desktop computer with windows xp, and your site looks fine using Mozilla 7, Opera 11.52, and (surprisingly) IE8.

    happens only if someone look at my website from a CPU or table computer

    Perhaps you could be a little more specific here??


    Kenneth John Odle


    Looks like he switched themes. 🙁



    Hi Josh, thanks so much for your quick reply. I’ve already changed my profile but I’m wondering if you have reached out to check my web site with the Graphene Theme activated ’cause I urged to change to another theme.

    I still likes this one that’s why I’m writing you. There are people who can see my site completely fine with Graphene but still other reach out to see the header, the top bar menu and some videos while the content remains on black out.

    Please tell me what i can do. Thanks again.



    Well, I would need to see the site activated with the Graphene Theme first. It doesn’t look like you have the theme activated right now.

    – Josh



    Hi Josh, I’ve already found The issue. It was a capture form in the widget section at right side bar.

    Thanks any way.



    Now the problem is that the theme doesn’t acept my html codes for the capture forms in both: widget section at right side bar and dash board section (in a page).

    by the way Graphene is activated.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not sure what you mean by “capture forms”. What does this code look like?

    To enter HTML in a widget, you can just drag a text widget over and enter the code there. To add HTML to a page, you can edit it in HTML mode. PHP will not work in either of those.



    My site just did the same thing. Everything is black except the header,footer, and background. Did you guys figure out how to fix this? Any quick help will be GREATLY appreciated!



    Try disabling your plugins and see if it corrects the problem. You can re-enable your plugins one by one until you find which one is causing the conflict.

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