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    Hey guys I started up a blog in May and it has really come a long way. I started out on google blogger and now i’m here..on wordpress(Since June). My site has definitely evolved quite a bit due to some of my hard work and thanks to the graphene theme. Let me know what you think about my website..Feel free to let me know how you feel about my customization, colors and style. THANKS again guys!



    How do yall like my blog? And any suggestions?


    Syahir Hakim


    A few thoughts:

    1. Those red borders at the top and bottom of posts are too distracting. It’s probably better to use a faint colour instead.

    2. When adding videos, try using the WordPress oEmbed feature. This feature receives the information about how wide your content area is from the theme, and it will adjust the video so that it fits into the content area just fine.

    3. I see that you’ve increased the font size, but didn’t adjust the line height. This makes the text blocks look crowded. Try increasing the line height of the text.

    4. Since you’re using the Twitter iframe widget, it’s probably better to remove the background and header of the widget containing it.

    5. Your Twitter and Youtube social media icons at the top are not the proper size.

    6. It’s probably better to place the “Like” button in the top bar in the same line with the “Mad Jank on Facebook” text. Also, try changing the colour of the like count. It is currently barely visible over the dark background of the top bar.



    Thank you soo much!! You helped a lotI I’m working on your suggestions now! The only thing I don’t know how to do is adjust the line height >.<



    Graphene Options –> Display –> Text Style Options –> Content –> Line Height



    Thanks guys y blog is looking a lot nicer!

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