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  • spiritcountry


    I don’t know if I am just not finding how to do it with this theme or if I have to create a whole child theme with a text wrap code in it to get text wrap. I usually just have to find a checkbox, but alas I have not been able to find any such checkbox with this theme. Which is totally fine, then I just need to know if I have to get a child theme up to get it or if there’s some other option. Thanks!


    Syahir Hakim


    On which area is the text not wrapping? Link to your site?



    It’s the home page. Eventually there will be a lot more text on the page, so it’s really rough right now, but my vision for it is having the text directly below the first picture wrapping to the right of the picture and then later we will have a paragraph that we want wrapping to the left of the bottom picture.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Edit the picture and then select either “align right” or “align left”. Text should wrap automatically to the other side.

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