text will not wrap around images

  • jpurpera


    Hello, i just upgrade the graphene theme and all my images wont allow me to wrap the text around them. I tried clicking on the images and choosing left or right alignment but it does not help?

    the problem occurred after i upgraded to the new version of the graphene theme.



    What is the url? I just tried connecting to http://www.blumarchive.com/ and could not connect to server.



    something is up with dreamhost today. a few of my sites have been acting funny.

    i will email you with the url when it up and running. thanks for you speedy response.



    the site is up and running, but i still cant get the text to wrap around the images like it did before I updated the theme graphene.

    help please



    Kenneth John Odle


    The issue is not with images, but with the paragraphs.

    Each image is wrapped in a caption, and that caption is properly tagged with .alignleft or .alignright. They are actually where they are supposed to be.

    The problem is that not with the theme upgrade, but with your “Carousel of Post Images” plugin. Its style sheet contains the following code:

    p {
    clear: both;
    margin: 10px 0;

    It is clearling the floats on every single paragraph, preventing the floats in the captions from wrapping.

    You’ll need to ditch that plugin. It actually styles a lot of basic HTML elements, which is a bizarre thing for a plugin to do. That’s the theme’s job!

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