Text color of Title is correct on first page; can't correct it on subsequent pages

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    I want the Title text on all pages to be {color: #323135;}

    I’ve tried all the suggestions below which I found by searching the Forum.

    This is set correctly:

    Graphene Options –> Colours –> Content Text –> Title text.

    And this:

    Dashboard –> Appearance –> Header –> Header Text –> Text Color

    I have this in custom CSS styles:

    .header_title {color: #323135;}

    .header_desc {color: #323135;}

    .page .post-title, .page .post-tile a {color: #323135;}

    And still the first page is correct, but the title on subsequent pages is blue. The Description (line below title) is correct color on every page.

    This page shows the title with the incorrect color:


    Thanks very much for your help!!



    Kenneth John Odle



    .header_title {color: #323135;}


    .header_title a,
    .header_title a:hover,
    .header_title a:visited {
    color: #323135;

    The issue here is the header title is a link on all pages but the home page. Your line of CSS changes it when it is not a link, but it won’t change it when it is a link.

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