Sidebar error with : WordPress social login widget (blank div when logged in)

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    I really hope this thread view the light of sun and will be posted, me and my friends were trying to post this from 4 days XD

    Hi, in these days i’m doing a little restyling and function upgrade to my blog, but first i try to my test blog in order to find bug, glitches and other thing.

    My test site is

    I choosed the plugin wordpress-social-login, in order to offer the best way to login and comment on my blog,

    and i installed the plugin sidebar-login, to insert a login form to the sidebar.

    To enable the widget of wordpress social login i tried both 2 things:

    1) Enabled an html javascript area as described here by installing the plugin and inserting the code [wordpress_social_login] , into it’s widget

    2) Enabled the execution of php code in text widget area by modifing the file function.php with this code

    And then i added a text widged area with php code enabled by modifing theme function.php,

    i think the test site will explain better the problem, when i login with wordpress standard login i faced out of this problem:

    A blank div area.

    With tootpaste theme (not only) this white blank div doesn’t appear. What i have to do to let it’ll be invisible?


    The php mode is better than the plugin html javascript box, as you can see the second div box is pretty beauty, when i’m not logged, but if i login the blank box still persist.


    The wordpress social login account and api are not active now, if you want is active a subscriber account as test test (user and password)

    Thanks for your attention

    Sorry for the wrong area, but i do first a blank post, then i paste my post inside. This post is for the support area.



    Moved to Support.



    resolved with another plugin.

    Social login 4.0

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