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    Boy, I should could use some assistance. I’ve got a child theme set up (done that before on other projects, no problems experienced). Now I want to set up templates for the theme. I’m lost in how I get the template content to show in the white content area of the page. I’m referring to the white area where the page content shows if it is coming from WordPress page fields. I’d like to have template content (produced in this case from external database calls). The template content is on a gray background now. I must have something set up incorrectly. THANKS!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Now I want to set up templates for the theme.

    Well, the templates are already there. I’ve got to admit, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. WordPress templates aren’t templates in the way that other applications (say, Microsoft Word) think of templates. Templates are more of an issue for theme designers.

    See if these pages in the codex help:





    Kenneth, sorry I was not clear. I’m referring to the template selection drop-down that is within the pages area on the admin side. Yes, there are templates already there. I’ve tried coping one (i.e. page.php) to a custom template and then select it from the template drop down. When I do that the content within the custom template does not show within the white background area of the page, rather is shows outside that in a gray background area. I’ve also tried altering (from a copy) the ‘template_column’ files without success. Kenneth, thanks for you patience!



    Thanks Kenneth,

    I was able to build header and footer files with the all appropriate hooks (those in the loop-page.php file). Script developed content is between the header and footer include files. Working good.


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