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    Hi I wondered if you could suggest a work around for this problem I have a nice template I downloaded from hostgator I put the images up and pasted the code into my site. it looks great in my coffee cup editor but as soon as it loads onto the site all the images look as though they have a border around them. Any ideas for a fix would be nice. You can view the problem here https://webultimate.co/?page_id=173




    Kenneth John Odle


    The problem is that you are tiling the image and using a table to set the images. This is not compliant with current standards. You should upload a single image and not use a table for layout. Tables are for tabular data only.

    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.



    Thanks for the info sorry for using the forum wrong first time in here posting, I have an idea of what you refer too but not exactly sure how this is determined. I will go to support to follow up. Most appreciated

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