Tagline that is entered in Graphene them is not what shows up in Search results.

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    Hello, if someone can please help. I have erased the wordpress tagline line, entered my own, even tried it just erasing it altogether , and yes I definitely saved it, and it still shows up in search results with the tagline just another wordpress site. I have even added seo optimazation plugins and when into the header code and removed title tags and it still is an issue.

    I currently work on elegant themes for my clients and never have this issues once the title is changed in the settings. I really LOVE LOVE graphene and want to suggest it to clients but it is so bothersome for the wordpress tagline to still be attached when I have done everything I can think of, it so weird!! I was wondering if it was just an issue with it being cached in google that way, but when I change it in elegant themes the chosen change shows up instantaneously in search results so I am afraid there is something else?

    Thank you so much for any insight! http://www.andreadolbec.com



    Search engines (Google) takes some time to index the changes depending on your site rank/page rank. So, wait for some more time. In the mean time, submit an updated sitemap to Google using Google Webmaster Tools.

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