Tag Clouds

  • John McCubbin


    Im having trouble with tag clouds when i use the default one all the tags are the same size and iv tried a couple of plug ins and they wont even show the tags can anyone help



    Text size on tag cloud depends on how many times it is used on posts.

    John McCubbin


    i did not think of that i thought it was how often it was viewed i have done this and it now works p.s. is there a way to make it so it shows what is a more popular tag (that users view) as a bigger text



    You need a plugin for that.

    John McCubbin


    do you know of any good ones as the ones ive tried including CTC custom tag cloud dont even show the tags


    Kenneth John Odle


    Well, if no one has viewed the posts yet, it won’t show the tags. Create a couple of dummy posts with dummy tags and then click on the tags. They should start to show up in the tag cloud. Once you’ve done this to ensure it’s working, you can delete the dummy posts and dummy tags.

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