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    Hi, I have a problem with my tag archive pages, which do not display my posts, but instead of each of them, display “Tag archive: photography” or whatever tag, and in whatever language is the current one. I’m using qtranslate and I thought it was the culprit but I found out it is not.

    I am using a child theme btw, and this problem is only happening with the child theme. The child theme is written along the accepted guidelines: mine only contains a style.css file which imports the parent theme css and tweaks some properties. In order to check if my css tweaks were the reason of the problem, I commented out all my css tweaks in the style.css. But no luck: the mere fact of using a child theme seems – in my case at least – to be screwing the tag page.

    Can you guys help me with this?



    The address of my site is http://www.semiocity.com



    Ok, I’ve renounced using a child theme. I’m implementing the tweaks in the main style sheet and documenting them in a separate document in order to be able to implement them again for further Graphene upgrades. It’s a pity somehow though πŸ™



    What was the directory name of your child theme? Also, was it placed in the same directory alongside the main graphene theme?

    A child theme (properly installed) should have NO effect on your tag structure or anything else, unless you’ve modified it for such changes.



    Ok you got me doubt and I checked, there was a loop-tag.php file in the child theme, which I thought I had erased. It was messing up everything…

    Thanks for making me digging in the right direction πŸ˜‰




    Any file you copy into the child theme is going to be used in place of the original (except the stylesheet and functions, which is “added to” the parent theme). If you customize it inappropriately, you will experience all sorts of problems.

    What was it you were wanting to do in the first place?



    I think it’s when I tried to correct the “only one post displayed in tag archive in Graphene 1.6” problem (documented here and corrected in latest releases), I read the comment in the tag.php file to be patched about passing on the function to the child theme by creating a loop-tag.php. Basically something I didn’t have to do. So I think I’ve duplicated the content of the tag.php correction to this loop-tag.php.

    Then afterwards I updated the theme, which made the tag.php patching unnecessary, and somehow I wrongly thought I had removed the loop-tag.php.

    So of course, very logically, my child theme was messed up and when going back to the parent one, every thing was fine!


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