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    I need help. I added content slide plugin <?php if(function_exists('wp_content_slider')) { wp_content_slider(); } ?> in the Graphene: custom-fields.php and I had the T-STRING ERROR on line 11. I removed it, but I still have the error. Can you help me to get back. I want to add slides to my homepage without using the post or categories. Can you help me setting up. I want to use Content Slide. My website is http://www.ifom-ci.org

    Thank you


    Kenneth John Odle



    Put code in between backtick (


    ) characters. It’s usually located above the Tab key on your keyboard. Browsers will try to parse code, which can render it unreadable. This is not an issue for html and css generally (although it makes it easier to read), but is a huge issue for PHP.

    Additionally, if you need to post more than a few dozen lines of code, please use pastebin.com. I have moved your code here: http://pastebin.com/TXDexJvj

    As a general rule, you should avoid editing theme files. The suggested way of installing a plugin like this is to use a graphene action hook widget area and a PHP widget. However, it is difficult to say, as you have not included a link to the plugin you are trying to install.

    I have a real beef with plugins that require you to edit theme files. These are often poorly coded.



    Thank you for reply. I still don’t understand which line needs backtick. The error say line 11. Line 11 is the following * Add the custom meta box.

    Should I add backtick to this line?

    Thank you guiding me.


    Kenneth John Odle


    No, no. We mean adding a backtick when you post code in this forum.

    Do you have a link to the plugin in question? Where did you get it from?


    in the Graphene: custom-fields.php

    Download a fresh copy of Graphene.. and replace that file with a fresh copy.

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