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    if got a problem. After trying to edit the theme slider.php i get the error

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in wordpress/wp-content/themes/graphene/includes/theme-slider.php on line 4

    But in line 4 there ist no “<“. Could someone help me?





    Unless you exactly know what you are doing, NEVER edit theme core files. Can you post the content of your theme-slider.php?

    Use to share the code.



    I get the error. Than i delete the code i added and save the theme-slider.php again. But the error is the same …. Does it make sense to copy the original file theme-slider over ftp to the right folder?

    Thx for helping me.



    Try updating your theme-slider.php with this one –

    BTW, why are you editing that file?



    Hmmm the error is the same.

    The window to edit the file is open, than i copy the new code in it and try to save it. Than i get the error again with this adress …. I could go back with the back button of the browser but nothing else.



    You need to use cPanel file manager or FTP to edit that file once it throws the error.



    Ok. That fixed it. Thanks a lot! Very fast und perfect support.



    It’s okay. But, you didn’t tell why you’ve edited that file?



    Right you are 🙂 I thought that in this file i could insert the code of a rating plugin to show it in the slider. But now i unterstand that this doesn’t work 😉

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