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    Hello, I am using both two and three column layout in my site.

    For the two-col-right layout, I want it to show Sidebar Two, not Sidebar One.

    The easy solution would be just to switch the content between the two sidebars, but unfortunately, I don’t want them to be switched on my three column layouts.

    I’d just like to change the entire layout for two-col-right to only call Sidebar Two, but I can’t find where in the CSS that Sidebar One is being called, in order to switch it to Sidebar Two. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    Other than that, THANK YOU! This is my new favorite theme.


    Syahir Hakim


    Currently, sidebar one is always shown in the two-column layout, regardless of whether the sidebar is located in the right or the left. In the upcoming version 1.6, this will be changed so that sidebar one will always be shown on the right, and sidebar two will always be shown on the left.

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