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    I recently chose the Graphene theme for our new site since it is beautiful, feature-rich, and as per the WordPress theme download page “…fully supports right-to-left languages”.

    I have established our site at but do not understand how to activate the RTL functionality.

    I have had limited success placing <DIV DIR=RTL> code in specific posts/pages, but since my texts will often contain English language (LTR) strings, this gets very tedious.

    Also, it would be much more legible and aesthetic if the template were completely mirrored (e.g., text in titles and menus appearing automatically right-aligned).

    Can this be accomplished? If so, how?


    Kenneth John Odle


    I can’t help you much with the first issue, but Syahir has a good video here that you will probably find useful.

    As for the second issue, you can very easily insert <div dir=ltr> using a shortcode if you use Kalin’s Post List plugin, using the “None” option. You can read more about that on my tutorial here:





    Thanks for the quick response.

    Can you please resend the video link that you mention in your first line (it just sends me back to this post).

    Regarding the second issue, I should have mentioned that I am not at all experienced with customizing templates…

    I reviewed your tutorial about “Kalin’s Post List plug-in”, downloaded the plug-in and created a preset called “rtl” based on the “None” option. In the “List Item Content” I placed my HTML code:

    <div dir=”rtl”>

    and saved it. I thought it would automatically treat all the existing and future pages/posts, but it had no effect. So I tried something else: I added the PHP code to the general CSS, and this did positively affect the text displays on the menus, pages and posts, but it corrupted the alignment of the graphic elements (e.g., the heading title started well beyond the graphic area, and the colored top borders of the widgets moved) — see

    Is this the right direction? If so, what can I do to solve the unaligned graphics issue? If not, I await your advice about how to activate the preset “site wide”.



    Kenneth John Odle


    I added the PHP code to the general CSS

    Not quite sure how that would work out, since PHP and CSS are two separate things. You might try posting a bit of code here, or if it’s a lot, use

    Can you please resend the video link that you mention in your first line (it just sends me back to this post).

    Sorry, I messed that link up. Here it is:



    Success! I watched the video you suggested, and installed the language folder I needed for RTL support. That language pack includes a “rtl.rss” which took care of all the alignment issues. So, there is no need to add any plug-in or special PHP code.

    The only remaining issues have to do with the English language texts that appear on various buttons throughout the site (e.g., “View full post”, “Submit Comment”, “Leave Comment”, “Continue Reading”, etc. Can you advise how/where I can customize these texts so that they always appear in my specific language?

    Many thanks,





    Thanks, Ken — using POEdit to complete the translation did the trick. The instructions on this page were particularly helpful:

    Case closed!

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