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    I’d like to add a new page to my site

    the page would simply list lots of tools for sale. each entry would have a small pic and a small amount

    of text, hopefully meaning the page will load quickly. However, when clicked, I’d like the images to

    ‘super-size’, and float large in a window, such as on the this site:

    on that site, when you click a small image, you get a larger floating image and the option to go to ‘Next’,

    which would be nice, but not essential. I can limit it to one pic that goes bigger, if this is much easier.

    can someone give me a pointer to the best way of achieving this in the Graphene theme please? Perhaps

    there are some tried and tested routes. I tried searching the forums for ‘super-sizing’ images, but

    to no avail

    thanks very much




    I think there are a few plugins out there… but I never could find one which performed exactly how I wanted. So, I opted to go with an external jquery plugin… and incorporate it into my site using a child theme.

    Here is the javascript:

    And here is a link to a plugin in the WP repo:

    (You can search the WP repo for “lightbox” or “shadowbox“)



    ah, thanks Josh, will give that a go.






    You bet! Lemme know if you have any issues.

    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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