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    Hello, so I have the secondary menu set with conditions (so it appears only on a specific page). It works fine, except when I hover, the dropdown item appears fine, but the second dropdown just doesn’t work, it just acts like a clickable link.

    I tried searching here but got no luck, I even copied and pasted
    #nav, #nav ul {

    z-index: 20;

    in the additional CSS section but it didn’t work.

    Here is the website:

    To bypass the maintenance mode, the username and password are: maintenance_aqeips

    If anyone finds a solution it would be highly appreciated. Thank you.



    By the way, the menu I’m talking about appears when you click on the ”Guide” button in the primary menu.



    Ok turns out it was the Conditional Menus plugin causing the issue. Is there any workaround for this?


    Syahir Hakim


    I am unable to visit your site with the error “Server IP address could not be found”. Can you confirm if the address is correct?



    That’s weird. The address is in fact correct. I am currently on the website from a different wifi than when I posted this and it’s working without any issues. I will see if it might be a plugin or something.


    Syahir Hakim


    OK, it’s working now. Could have been a delay in DNS propagation.

    Can you enable Conditional Menu again so that we could test it. Currently the “Guide” menu item does not have any dropdown menu.



    Yes. By the way, the guide menu is the blue menu right under the main one. The blue menu is what I want to appear under specific conditions. I have activated the plugin again. You will need need to click on guide for the secondary menu to appear. Once it appears, you will see that the submenu’s don’t go drop down more than once.

    (ex: RĂ©pertoire des bourses scolaires > Bourses Scolaires Federales > there should be something appearing here but it doesn’t)

    For some reason the menu is not appearing at all on the English part of the site, but it’s pretty much the same thing in French, so you can do it in that language for now.

    Thank you



    So sorry to talk so much but I have run into another problem now. For some reason when I customize the website, when I try to save the changes it doesn’t save at all. So when I leave the customize menu, the website reverts back to it’s previous state.

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