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    Firstly I accept this is not strictly a Graphene issue but as somebody still fairly new to WordPress I hoped somebody might give me some advice. I do have two Graphene sites http://www.writtentoorder and a new addon domain http://www.deadseamemories which are both hosted by Hostgator.

    My concern is I noticed that after downloading my addon domain a subdomain had also been created.

    I contacted Hostgator and the first person said it was wrong and should delete it. However it couldn’t be deleted. I went back to hostgator and another person insisted that is was correct and the subdomain listing should be there.

    Which one was right?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Looks like a mistake to me. I have several domains and my host (Dreamhost) does not automatically create subdomains like this.



    Thanks Kenneth,

    I suspect you are correct but wonder if anybody else is with Hostgator just to make sure before I go back to them.

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