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    first thanks for the great theme.

    I got a little problem.

    I have many sub pages.

    for example:

    – Home support

    — hotline

    — Contact

    — Etc.

    on the support page will now automatically display the 3 sub pages.

    However, I would like the length of the text change at all on the website.

    line at the moment he makes about 4-5

    I would like to make lines as only 1-2.

    or even better who I can create text links to the main page itself.

    Give it as a solution?

    sorry for my bad english








    Thank you for the answer.

    Unfortunately, this does not work.

    I add <!–more–> in a contribution.

    but everything looks the same.

    best thanks for further help



    nobody has an idea?


    Kenneth John Odle


    By default, the excerpt length in WordPress is 55 words. You can change that by

    1) Creating a child theme (lots of information on this forum about this topic)

    2) Using a custom filter in your child theme’s functions.php file.

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