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  • McCrobyDesigns


    Love this theme – But Can’t figure out why this is an issue in Both FF & IE8.

    If you go here

    and click select Cosmetic menu link with Sub menu, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Perhaps we have these Stack Below? If that solves the problem, I’d go for that fix.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You have introduced a gap to the right of all your menu items. When you attempt to go from a child item to a grandchild item, your mouse hits that gap and closes the menu, as it should.

    Eliminate that gap to the right and everything should be fine.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.



    Thanks for the fast response!

    Actually, I could not figure out how to effectively REMOVE those arrows which absuloutely had to go , so I went in and Cleared those areas of the sprite_h.png in PhotoShop as a “Duct Tape & Super Glue” solution, but I guess I now have screwed up naviagation. Is there a way to Kill ALL navigation arrows throughout the entire site? I would prefer that avenue since I am really a fan of this theme and it’s stability across different browsers.



    try to add this in the GrapheneOption -> Display -> Custom CSS

    #header-menu ul > a {
    background: none;
    width: 162px;
    padding-right: 24px;

    #nav li ul {
    width: 192px;

    #nav li ul ul {
    margin-left: 192px;



    that should remove the arrows and fix the width



    Ronangelo – You’re the man!

    That Worked Like a Charm.

    Thanks a million!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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