Sub-menu items are hidden by images on page

  • myyukonlife


    I’m having the same trouble with several image objects using various plug-ins and believe I’ve narrowed the problem down to the way the Graphene Theme is handling the stack order of the sub-menu (child menu) items.

    Do I need to change the z-index to “position: relative;” with a higher z-index number? If so, where do I make the change(s)?

    Here’s my website, where I’ve preserved one example of the problem, which you’ll see by choosing the Press Room menu. The sub-pages’ (Press Releases, Print) menu names are hidden behind the Ground Effect Media image.

    Love your theme by the way.





    There was an issue before where the z-index of the menu was to high, when using photo certain photo galleries with thick box or light box effect the menu would go over the image. The menu current z-index is 20 just add this to your custome CSS:

    div.bns-logo {
    z-index: 10;

    For some reason the default z-index was set to 10,000



    Tee, thank you SO much! (For both your fix suggestion and super fast response!)


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