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    Hello, first off great theme. My hat is off to you khairul. If you ever have a graphics question feel free to private message 🙂

    I have a question about sub menu items appearing on the parent page itself. Below is a screen shot of my issue. Basically, I would like the content to appear but I do not want the sub menu items to appear below with the view page reference.

    In the screen shot, I have red X out what I dont want to appear, and green box what I want to remain. Any suggestions? I thank you for reading, appreciate your time, and appreciate the great theme.

    This link is secure, i shortern url to prevent search engines from picking up site within the forum.



    im interested in this too, not keen on them being there



    Yeah, there was a slight fix mentioned here about a month ago but involved using the child theme. Unfortunately I don’t really understand the child theme process and probably would only upgrade the theme if it was completely necessary. I am to the point where the person I am making the site for likes everything but this part.

    Therefore I have to figure out how to remove it in the theme itself. 🙁

    Hopefully someone will have an answer on how to do this. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.



    I’m also interested in this…I can’t seem to find it anywhere



    Looking at gave me a clue

    If you delete all of the code in the loop-children.php file it seems to do the trick!



    Yes, that does fix it. I hope that it will not cause problems with other areas of the site. But so far, so good….Thank you CMR for clearing this up it is very appreciated.



    I think latest changelog have some answers:




    I am to the point where the person I am making the site for likes everything but this part.

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