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  • misterpieman


    Hello all, I have am trying to change the radio buttons in a form so that they are green, instead of the default blue. I have spent hours looking a solutions but with no joy. Can someone please advise me where I can find the CSS or the trigger for these radio buttons so I can style them?

    It must be located some where with fields and buttons too because I’ve noticed they all have this same hover-over blue.

    Please help. Many thanks david


    Kenneth John Odle


    AFAIK, Graphene does not style radio buttons. What you see is part of the browser’s built-in style sheet, which you can override with your own code.

    These may help:

    If not, GIYF.

    If you get stuck, please tell us which things you have already tried, so we can give you more specific advice without suggesting something you’ve already tried.



    Thanks Kenneth,

    I like the solutions you have provided and I cannot wait to check them out but one silly question, where do I put the HTML?


    Kenneth John Odle


    They were just using that HTML as an example. You would base your CSS on the HTML that is being generated for your site.

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