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    I am using the custom menu widget to display menus in the sidebar. Using the plugin Widget Logic I am able to display page specific menus on the sidebar (ie. the paintings sidebar menu only shows when I’m on the paintings page).

    This is all working great but the problem I’m running into now is that I need to add a “current page” state to the CSS for the links in the menu and I can’t figure out where to do that. I’ve gone through the style.css code quite a bit and the only thing that seemed to make any change whatsoever was when I altered the code under “non-classed” but still I wasn’t able to create the state I need.

    I’d like to make the link of the text change color when you are on it’s page.

    Any ideas?





    Add this to your child theme CSS:

    #header-menu > > a, #header-menu > li.current-menu-item > a, #header-menu > li.current-menu-ancestor > a {
    color: #FFFFFF;

    You can change the hex color to whatever you like.



    Hey Josh,

    Thanks so much for you help again 🙂

    I have one more question about this solution though.

    Unfortunately, I learned about child themes after I started this site so I am not using one here.

    So my question is can I put this code in the graphene style.css and if so where would it go?

    Thanks so much!!




    You can also add it to your custom css box in the graphene options menu; appearance -> graphene options -> dispay tab -> custom css



    That’s awesome to know!

    I did that and it looks like it’s actually only applying that to the top menu and not the links on the custom menu widget menu in the sidebar of the paintings page.

    I can’t figure out where those get styled…. :/



    Nevermind. I found it.

    It looks like an id is automatically created for each custom menu. So i just changed it to that and it worked like a charm.

    Thanks so much for your help Josh!

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