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    I installed a breadcrumb on my site but I can not change style

    I managed to change “Vous êtes ici” (in French) police largest and white by

    Graphene Options –> Display –> Custom CSS :

    #breadex {

    font: normal 18px times;color:#FFFFFF;

    margin: 0 2px;


    But, I would like in the white circle to increase the size (18px for example)

    and, I would like in the black circle to write with the white color

    Can you help me please ?



    No replie for me ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    You’re probably going to have to target a and a:hover in your CSS, as well. I would give you more specific code, but I don’t use this plugin and those pop-up ads on your site are really annoying! But try using Firebug to isolate those codes (you can even play around with them–see Josh’s video tutorial) and you should get this sorted out pretty easily.



    Hello Kenneth, and thank you for your replie !

    Yes, I actually used a target “A and a:hover” in my CSS.

    But I do not find the other classes ID with firebug. This is my problem…

    It’s not a plugin. Here is the listing for the breadcrumb :

    It’s strange, me, I do’nt see the pop-up on my screen.

    Excuse me for my english, it’s not easy for me !


    Kenneth John Odle


    Oh, I thought you were using the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin, which is natively supported by Graphene. You might want to try that one and see if it works better for styling.

    Votre anglais est mieux que mon français!



    Hello Kenneth !

    Thank you for the plugin, it’s great !!!

    For you, is’t ok for Google bot ?

    Seomix’s code is ok for the bot

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