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    While Graphene allows color-customization of block buttons from within the dashboard, I’m looking to do more than just add custom colors. So far, I’ve been unable to get any changes to take effect.

    I read a forum post from one of the moderators where he mentioned that in order for a child theme’s CSS to work on block-buttons, you would need to 1) Set menu color defaults to clear in Graphene’s color options, 2) remove any extra CSS from the Customizer, & 3) Remove any extra CSS from Graphene Options. I’ve done all that, but I still have no control over my block buttons’ from my child-theme’s CSS.

    I’ve also added all (to my knowledge) of the button types, such as .block-button, #submit, .button, button, and maybe a few others, but with no luck.

    I want to do all button styling with my child-theme. Do you have any suggestions?




    This was a case of me being sloppy with my CSS files. I believe I have all the menus mapped properly now. Sorry & thanks anyway.

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