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    Hey, I searched through about 9 pages, but I didn’t find the right answer to my question. I’m trying to stretch my background image in the custom CSS area of Graphene Options>Display. I saw another post where you mentioned the correct code, I just need to know exactly where to put it. When I viewed my source code, I found this: <div id=”header” style=”background-image:url(;”>

    located in <div id=”container” class=”container_16″>

    That’s not exactly how I’m used to seeing codes. Am I totally off? Please tell me where to put the code. This is the last task I have to complete before I consider this job complete. The site is for reference. You can probably see why I want to do this just by looking at the site. The background image appears different even as you browse from page to page. Thanks!



    No help?



    You don’t need to insert any codes to get a full background.

    Just go to Appearance -> Background upload your image.

    Position centered, No repeat, Fixed.



    Thanks! Not a huge fan of this solution as this size image makes the text a little difficult to read, but it works all right. I appreciate the response—I will def. donate as soon as I get paid!

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