Strange viewing of images in Chrome with Graphene 2.6.5

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    After the last two updates of Google Chrome, the viewing of my images is rather strange. Instead of listing them with 4-5 images per line and down, all the images is shown on a long (LONG!) line to the right and way beyond the defined size (width) of the webpage.

    I’ve tested with Edge and Safari and everything works fine. Also Chrome on iPad works fine. But Chrome on PC and Android has this fault.

    I’ve tested with some of the default themes that comes with WordPress, and some of them show the images as they should, and some of them (the older ones) show them the same way that Chrome does now.

    I’m running Graphene 2.6.5 and Chrome (64) 77.0.3865.75
    Example article:

    Since it works fine with Edge and Safari and with Chrome on iPad, it looks like Chrome on PC and Android is rendering/viewing the images / html-code for the images different/wrong.

    Anyone experiencing this?


    Syahir Hakim


    Try adding the following code to Additional CSS:

    .entry-content {
        overflow-wrap: break-word;



    Thank you very much, Syahir! That did the trick! 🙂

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