Strange issue with "continue reading" in excerpts

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    Recently I’ve encountered a strange issue with a “Continue reading” link showing up in excerpts, in addition to the regular button. This link is displayed in the slider, and also shows up in the excerpt when a post is shared on Facebook. An example:


    Everything is up to date, and the only thing that I’ve changed is upgrading to the latest version of WordPress (4.2.2). Stranger yet, I have a dummy site set up with the same plugins so that I can make design changes and test stuff before it goes live, also running Graphene of course, and the problem isn’t happening there.

    I’ve looked into the plugins that I’m using to try and track down any conflicts and issues, but everything seems to be in order, which has me thinking there’s an issue somewhere in the theme, as I currently have it set up. Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the matter, and point me in the right direction.



    Whoops, on second glance, it was a setting that was re-enabled after I deactivated and reactivated a plugin. Sorry for the false alarm!

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