Strage Problem: Another User's (Author) Image doesn't Appear while mine appears!!!! !

  • sghegde87



    I have added another User to post articles in my website with Graphene theme ofcourse! Have given him the role of ‘Author’ when I remain as Admin.

    But the problem is that My ‘Gravatar’ image comes up everywhere… But the other person’s Gravatar doesn’t show up!! Just a blank face is shown.

    I even tried the custom image with 150 px width. I tried every available options but his image doesn’t come up neither in Comment nor in Post Author’s image. Its really odd!!

    Please help. !!!

    Please Visit the website if you want to know.



    Make sure the other author has the Gravatar image for the email address used in your site. The custom image is only used in Author’s Bio. Since you’ve disabled the author bio, you can’t see the custom image on single posts. But you can still see the custom image on author page. That 45 by 45 image next to author name and the avatars in comments uses Gravatar.



    @Prasanna SP: Thanks Buddy.. 🙂

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