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    I use shopplugin and with this theme 1.6.2 I believe is the version number, I cannot add items to my cart, and you do get an item in your cart you cannot proceed to checkout or add another/multiple item to your cart. This is the error: “There are currently no items in your shopping cart.”

    I have a feeling shopp support is going to push it off as not their problem because it is a theme issue. Would you know what this could possibly be? I was thinking cookies but I could be wrong.





    Anyone having similar issues?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Right click disabled again. Can’t tell a thing.

    Disabling right clicking does nothing to prevent someone from stealing your images or text.



    ok try it now.

    The goal is not to stop them, it is to make it more difficult. I can still save images without having right click abilities but some people may not know how to do that, including the person I build this site for.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I know, but it’s like SEO or validation: people think they have to have it although it is often pointless and sometimes downright worthless (and annoying!)

    So I clicked on the “Evolution” shirt, added two to my cart, then “Continued Shopping” and added “Whoop de Chews” shirt, and then went to the checkout. That’s when I got the “There are currently no items in your shopping cart.” message.

    Okay, I thought “maybe it’s because I’m not registered”. So I tried to register, so that I could do this while I was logged on. I used the name “ken-test” and an email address that I rarely give it out. I got this message: “This username already exists. An account with this email has already been registered.”

    That is possible, but highly unlikely.

    So there is a problem with both shopp and the simple registration form. I would try disabling the latter and seeing if your cart problems go away. It could be a plugin conflict.

    I have a feeling shopp support is going to push it off as not their problem because it is a theme issue.

    This is my experience with most ecommerce plugin developers. But it may not be a theme issue as much as it is a theme/plugin conflict or plugin conflict.

    (Your “meta property=’og:description'” is wonky, btw.)



    oh jeez, haha. I did disable all the plugins to test the shop and that didnt solve the problem. But now that there is a registration problem I am unaware of I will also try to look into that. But that may be more difficult than I expected, if I disable simplr registration, then I need to redirect the people (or me temporarily) to the default wordpress registration, which doesn’t give them the option to create a username, first and last name (unless that has changed with newer versions of WP)

    AS for the cart issue, I did notice other people can add multiple items, I however cannot, which must be my particular browser settings or something. I will try to just disable the simplr registration form and give the cart a try again, but I disabled everything before with no luck.

    “(Your “meta property=’og:description'” is wonky, btw.) “

    I have no idea what that is, I use the SEO by Yoast I think its called so that must be rendering that code.

    I am thinking about switching over to woocommerce: since I am having terrible luck with this shopplugin, I am pretty sure that will also not be compatible with this current theme, but I think I may just resort to using a child theme just for the store. Have you heard of this plugina and know if it is any good?

    I will get to these issues tomorrow. Thanks for your help and patience.



    Ok, so I got the login fixed, I am no longer using simplr registration, I am now using WP User Control which seems to work fine.

    I am now just getting the error “There are currently no items in your shopping cart.” I am using my child theme and getting this error and the unedited 1.6.2 theme and receiving the same error. When I switch to Twenty Eleven theme I do not get this error. I did all this with plugins activated and not activated, makes no difference.

    Would you know what it could be at this point?



    Would you know what it could be at this point?



    Would you know what could possibly be done to get this to work?

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