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    Thanks for the great theme, I have only been using WordPress for a couple of days and your theme is fitting in nicely with the design of my website.

    I have setup a static homepage with a slider, I would like to add some featured stories underneath this linking to different blogs but I am unsure how to do it.

    I have tried using widgets but can only place these in the footer or side menu.

    Can you help me insert featured stories. The design I would like to end up with would be similar to this one but with unlimited featured stories 3 wide scrolling down

    Thanks in advance



    Kenneth John Odle

    linking to different blogs

    Do you mean “blogs that aren’t yours”? In that case, you want a “scraper” widget.

    If not, please advise.



    Sorry no blogs that are mine.

    I want to create a front page with links to new recommended blogs in rows of 3 across and unlimited number down.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Create a custom class to style each block that contains a featured story. (Do this in custom CSS or a child theme.) Then use the text editor on the front page and apply that class to each block.

    This is not difficult, but it is more complicated than flipping a switch. How good are you with HTML and CSS?

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