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  • Anthony


    OK, let me see if I can word this clearly enough.

    I am trying to have a static homepage with a “News and Updates” page to hold my “blog” entries. I have already set this up through the Settings > Reading and it does work just fine. The next step I’m taking is to have the “Home” page display NOTHING BUT the slider for featured content. No text or the annoying little link that says “Home”, just the slider. I created the “Blank” template page by commenting out the loop code that would display the contents of the homepage. When I apply this Template locally, it works PERFECTLY. When I do it remotely on the web server, it displays a completely blank page; no slider OR any content, just the header, nav-bar, and footer. Any ideas folks? I would totally appreciate it.



    Fixed it myself. I had the “Move Slider to the Bottom of the Page” checked. When I unchecked it, the slider popped back up. Thanks for the awesome theme Syahir!



    Great! Nothing like finding your own solution! Glad you got it!



    Thanks bro!

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