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    Hi all..following the instructions collected from WordPress Codex to have a static home page I created a static home page (called ‘Home’) and a page for the new posts (called ‘news’). So far so good. the problem starts when any posts still appears on both pages, ‘home’ and ‘news’, when it should only appear on ‘news’. I also cannot get rid of the box on the front page that is allocated for the posts, but I believe once I resolved the problem above this will also be resolved. you can see what I mean following this link to my site:

    Does anybody knows how to fix this simple but annoying snag? i would be grateful. Achies


    Syahir Hakim


    You can disable the slider by going to the Graphene Options page and tick the Disable slider option.



    hi there – i have the same request. How can I make a front page where there is no sidebar and then a simple table with 3 images in the main container. I looked at achies site but I still see the open block above his text…how can I get rid of it??First prize with achies site would to have one block with the text and no sidebar..






    I have just ticked the disable slider and it has done the job. I am the happiest man on earth (for a few moments at least)..thanks Syahir



    achies, how did you get rid of the static ‘home’ page?

    I am trying to figure that out and its not easy :S



    Maybe this page settings:



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