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    I am using Graphene for a long time but never faced this kind of scenario. It is an old site which was running with Graphene. i just reset the settings to accommodate layout change (Container width change). Since then whenevr I am trying to set the static front page it is bouncing back to latest post setting. The home page (static page) is same what I used to use earlier. Nothing else is changed.

    I tried to set it from Theme customization and also from Setting>>Reading menu but result is the same, it bounces back to latest post

    Why I cannot revert back to old settings? Kindly help





    Deactivate all your plugins and see if the problem still exists. Make sure you hard refresh (STRG+F5) your site when checking. If the problem is gone then activate the plugins again one by one to see which one was causing the problem.

    Also check out this topic to see if there are some suggestions that could help you.

    If it occured after updating the site then you should also install the graphene shortcode plugin because taking out the shortcodes of the theme caused some errors for a few people. This is just to make sure.

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