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    I want to upload a picture to my frontpage, but I want it to be static background.

    That is; the picture will not move with the text when you scroll down the page!

    Is this possible?



    Are you referring image as background image? You can set background image under Dashboard–> Background. If not, you can achieve it by using action hook widget. Read this tutorial about action hook widget in Graphene theme –




    thank you for your reply. This is not excatly what I ment (I think).

    If I understand the Action Hook Widget correctly you are pointing out a way to put an advertisement or something whitch is always at to, like the Tips 🙂 box in your web.

    The thing I was looking for is how you make the background picture stay put while you scroll your Posts and Blogs on the frontpage (and other pages as well).

    It is like you have on your web.

    I hope I have made myself clear now 😉

    Best regards




    Thats called the background image. Go to Background options under Appearance and upload a picture to use as website background.

    /*The above site is not mine, it belongs to Ken*/ 😉




    thanks again – I must look stupid now!

    Of course it was in Background, Display Options and there I had to choose “Fixed”

    I somehow missed that option!

    Thank you once again for your help!



    Happy to hear that you fixed background image issue in your site.. But, where is the link to your website? 😉

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