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    When i use Stack: Posts with a lead post and infinite scroll click-to-load, the first post of the loaded posts is a lead post as well.

    Is that by design or a bug?


    Syahir Hakim


    That is neither by design nor is it a bug – it’s a default behaviour of the infinite scroll script that load the specified content from the next page. We could change the behaviour so that the first loaded post is not a lead post, but then we found that the loaded lead post serves as a cue that new content has been loaded as well.

    What do you think? Would it be beneficial for your visitors to have the lead post in the loaded posts or would seamless loading of posts be more visually pleasing?



    For me personally seamless loading would be more visually pleasing. I use the lead post as a means to highlight the latest news on the website, using the featured image to draw attention. If that starts again on the first post of the next loaded posts it stands out as if it’s an important message (i hope i am making sense). Besides all that, it takes up the space of 3 news items if you are using 3 columns, which is a lot if people are just scrolling through.

    Taking up space, as mentioned above, get’s even more prominent, if you are using 2 or more lead posts, because that also get’s repeated on the next loaded posts.

    Furthermore, i think that if the option we talked about in this post, (posts always lining up based on the top of post), get’s implemented, you kinda have a cue.

    Last but not least, if you use 5 or 6 posts per page in a 3 column setup, it leaves a gap that would normally get filled with the next posts loaded. That doesn’t look good. You do not have that problem with 7 for example (3 columns), but then the lead post option, determines the number of posts you are able to use if you do not want to see gaps.

    So all in all i understand that it’s implemented this way to act as a cue, which makes sense, but for me personally i would like it to be the first post or posts only and the loaded posts without it.

    I have no idea if it’s possible but maybe make it an extra option in the plugin?



    First of all, thank you for the update. Lead post only appear once.

    In the 1.1 version however the following two options/update:

    Added: Option to disable Masonry layout for Posts stack

    Updated: Lead posts no longer appear in posts loaded by Infinite Scroll feature

    do not work well together yet.

    When using them both with for example 7 posts with 1 lead post and 3 columns, in order to get a lead post and 6 posts in 2 rows of 3, the first row after the lead post is correct but the second row starts with the first post to the right, leaving a gap on the left and the next 2 posts lined up correctly, starting after the gap.

    In case i am not making sense you can look here 🙂 Test Page

    One other problem that remains is that even if it would work correctly, you will always have a gap when using one lead post and 2 or more posts that follow. For example i want 3 columns, i want a lead post and need 3 post to fill up the row underneath. So i have to use 4 posts in total. But if i click load more, the next 4 are loaded on 3 columns, leaving one gap etc.

    One way to solve that problem would be to leave the lead post out of the Posts per page count. So that when you want 2 rows of 3 posts with a lead post, posts per page would be 6 instead of 7. Kinda like when you are not using a lead post.

    I have no idea if that is possible?.

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