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    Fast load themes is my question, I have Graphene and in loading it on my wp site, the speed when really down after I loaded the theme. My average speed when from 1.13 seconds to 3.1 with Graphene, what can I do. I have done all of the regular things, get WP Cashe, smaller files, etc but I am really thinking about theme speed, any thoughts



    Kenneth John Odle


    Which test did you run? Did the waterfall show up anything that was loading slowly?



    I want to close this out, I did a lot of testing of my WP site with Graphene and the hosting was done at Fatcow.com. The testing was with http://www.webpagetest.org. I did all that I could to get it to go faster and could not.

    I just moved my site to http://www.zippykid.com and loaded the WP and Graphene at zippykid.com and the speed of load is really fast.

    now I average about 1.5 seconds rather than the 5-6 seconds I was before. The problem with the regular hosting companies is that they are good to a degree but not great with support for WP, so yes I am paying more for my hosting, but I am trying to run a business.





    I also have slow loading time, but I thought it has to do with a plugin. So, I disabled the JetPack and now it is bit faster. Do you have lots of plugins? I would be surprised if this is a theme issue.



    I was having a problem on a few of my sites so I decided to do a test. I took a domain name that I had parked, and then as I added each item, I went and did a speed test.

    The items that caused my time to jump were:

    basic plain html page the time to load for first page averaged .51 seconds

    installed word press average went to 1.3 or 1.4 seconds for first load

    next big jump was a plugin that did a test for broken links, that time was 4.7 seconds but averaged 2 seconds

    installed Graphene then it jumped to 6.4 seconds but again averaged around 3.1 seconds (had turned off broken link checker)

    I added the membership software, Magic Member,

    Now the numbers jumped all over the place but it seemed that some times it was 3 seconds and other times 4.5 seconds and others 6 seconds. but I needed all of the things I have on the site.

    sometime without changing anything times changed.

    now I moved the site to ZippyKid.com and now it sits around 1.5 seconds with every thing on, expect broken link checker, just not gotten around to turning that on.

    but from a support point of view, ZippyKid supports wordpress so that is worth it to me and of course

    to hear from hosting companies it sounded like I was doing something wrong, and it was my fault, but in fact it is their fault, or I should say their $40 a year plan is not as good as a $300 a year plan, makes sense, (ZippyKid.com charges for one site $25 per month. not a lot that is to say.



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