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    hey guys, I’m fairly new at this but I’m trying to specify the specific post i want my slider to show instead of just the latest. My issue is that my permalinks are setup to be the post name, yet if i try to type the post name into the slider options nothing appears but a white screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I would love some general advice bout my site as well. Thanks!




    Welcome dablue!

    Okay, here is what you need to do.

    Go to your admin panel. Then go to either your pages or your posts. Now, hover over one of your titles… don’t click it, just hover over it.

    Then, look toward the lower left of your browser window. It will display a page link. Look toward the end of the link and you will see “post=” followed by a number. This is the ID of your page or post. Each post or page will have a unique ID.

    NOTE: Both posts AND pages will use the “post=” in the link… but each number will be unique.

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