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  • The Lady GM


    Hi All!

    My theme is updated, but now my blogging network toolbar is no longer visible.

    First, I copied the portion of the code I wanted to enhance from the Parent Theme’s header.php file, then I went to my Child Theme (yes, I finally created one (smile)), pasted the copied code then added in the special code for the toolbar I am required to display for the blogger network Ò€” and it didn’t work. πŸ™

    So, then I went back to the Parent Them and placed the code there. This was semi-successful. I could see the toolbar, but it was behind my header, such that only the ends of the toolbar were sticking out on the left and right.

    Any suggestions on how I can rectify this.

    It used to work perfectly.


    The Lady GM


    I still need help with this issue. Pleeeeeeaaaaase. πŸ™‚



    Hi Lady,

    Umm.. If I understand correctly, when using a child theme… the header and footer files must be copied directly into the child theme. And then you can make changes to the one in your child theme. This is because these two files don’t get “added” together. Rather, wordpress will use the one in your child theme instead.

    So, just copy your entire header.php file to your child theme. And make changes there.

    The Lady GM


    Hi Josh!!

    I tried to copy only one part of the header file into my child theme. I am going to try it your way. Standby……




    lol.. will do.

    The Lady GM



    Its still not working.



    What is the code you are trying to use? Have you looked into using the “action hooks” option in the “advanced” tab of the graphene options? This way, you could “hook” it right below your header… or even at certain places INSIDE your header.

    The Lady GM


    It’s a code provided to me by Yardbarker.

    The action hooks confused me. I will look at it again. Sounds like that might be the way I should go.



    Try giving my video tutorial a view:

    It’s located here:


    The Lady GM


    Ok, I’m on to something. That worked. Sort of.

    Please take a look. http://www.ballertainment.com.

    The Yardbarker toolbar is sitting behind my header. πŸ™

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