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    On the above site there is too much spacing between the graphene sluider postentry and the start of the sidebars. I tried this but it did not work, I do not know CSS well and obviously have it wrong.

    .graphene_slider_postentry {
    margin-bottom: -20px

    Can anyone supple the correct code?



    It was a little bit tricky because it’s hard to see where your slider ends and where your sidebars begin because none of them have visible borders. I could see the <div> borders with Firebug or the “Inspect Element” feature in Firefox. You can change values within these 2 features and actually see the outcome without editing files. It’s good for testing things out before you edit a file.

    .featured_slider #slider_root {
    height: 300px;

    I changed the value from 400px to 300px and it worked. Just adjust it the way you want.



    Thank you, that worked.

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