Space between slider and first text on static page

  • Andreas Peters


    Hi guys,

    have a look:

    As you can see there is a grey space between the slider and the first text. I simply don’t like it there.

    My custom CSS works fine so far:

    .home .post-title{
    .slider_post h2 {
    display: none;
    .slider-entry-wrap { margin: 10px 20px 10px 20px;}
    .featured_slider { padding: 10px 0px 10px 0px;}

    What do i have to add/change to delete it?

    tx 4 help!



    Hi Andreas,

    give this a go and see if it’s what you’re after…

    .post-1588 {margin-top: -20px;}

    That will leave a tiny grey line in between the slider and the post. If you wish to remove that, use this:

    .post-1588 {margin-top: -20px; border: none;}

    Hope that’s what you’re looking for.


    Sharon 🙂

    Andreas Peters


    Hi Sharon,

    thank you!!! The second command was exactly what i needed.

    Kind regards!


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