Sort pages by Title arrow not working in admin

  • raindance


    For some reason (it comes and goes, so maybe a plug in I have activated/de-activated, not sure) my pages won’t sort by title in admin, which as they are growing is getting really hard to find what I want if it won’t sort by title.

    Is there a setting which could be conflicting? Has anyone seen this before?

    I mean the little up down arrow next to the word “Title” at the top of the page of the list of pages when you click Pages > All Pages.

    Thanks if you know how to get it sorting by title again…it’s driving me nuts.



    I’ve got Page Lister installed and it works fine there, just not in the basic WP Pages link/page.

    Page lister is a great plug in by the way, and page mash (and postlister/postmash) are awesome for organizing and seeing them.



    Definitely, most likely a plugin. I hate to say it… but you know what you need to do 😉

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