Sone new subscribers don't show up in subscription list

  • djscruggs


    First, let me say we’re loving Graphene. Mosst of my questions have been adequately addressed via the forum or FAQ’s.

    Something that is happening with some frequency is this. I’ve had people email me to say that they enjoyed the blog and they have subscribed, but then I don’t see their email in the subscription list. Wondering if people were just being polite to me, I did a test. A close friend requested that I add her to the subscriber list for her. I went in under MY login name, and entered her email address using the subscription widget. I never saw here email show up onhe sumbscribers list.

    1) can I add subscribers myself if I am logged in under my username?

    2) Is there some kind of time lag between when someone subscribes and when it shows up on the subscriber list?

    3) Is there a confirmation process that must occur (like an acceptance email or something) before the subscriber actually gets placed on the subscription list?

    Thanks in advance



    Graphene theme has no email subscription option. It’s a module in JetPack plugin. Please post your question in JetPack plugin support forum –

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