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    I am new to this theme and hope that I am posting my question in the correct area.

    I am just beginning to set up my web site at I am having trouble with the slider. On some of the sliders the image is not showing. On Internet Explorer and Firefox and on the Google browsers, some images show and others don’t. I am not sure how to make them all show up. Any advice would be truly appreciated.

    Thanks ~ 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle

    some images show and others don’t.

    What are your slider settings? Show first image? Show featured image? If you selected “featured image” but don’t set a featured image for the post, the slider will not display an image.



    Wow, thank-you so much for the advice. The settings were off and I reset them all to a “featured image” and SET a featured image for each post and viola! It works!!

    Have a great week ~ 🙂

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