Social Sharing Icons in Top Bar not working properly

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    My RSS, Facebook, and Youtube Icons are not clickable when you scroll over the majority of them. You have to scroll over the bottom to click it.. Take a look at my page and you will see what I am talking about.



    It is because of your login/register tab at the very top left of your page. It is placed in it’s own div stretching across the entire top area of the page. Your feed links are “hidden” behind this div.

    You can add some padding to your top-bar, but it’s going to increase it’s height.

    Lemme know what direction you want to go with it.



    Can I make that tab work or would I be better off getting a new plugin? If so, is there one you would recommend?



    Well, I tried making it work with different z-indexes and such… unsuccessfully.

    I know the floating tabs are cool… but did you know there is a widget which will display login/register features?



    Yeah I knew I could put a widget in the sidebar but was trying to avoid doing that… what would I need to do to add padding to the top bar?



    Hey, that looks really good. I like it much better on the side than the top.

    Are you happy with this? Do you still want to explore other options?

    One thing, add this to your child CSS and it will make the bar “stick” to the side so when you scroll, it remains in the same spot, rather than losing it at the top.

    .logintab {
    position: fixed;



    My only concern with it being on the side is that may be overlooked. I also added a login widget on the sidebar, but am thinking that may be redundant. How hard would it be to add that padding you originally suggested and would it still look good?



    I don’t think it would be too hard at all.

    Go ahead and throw it back in the top area, and I’ll go play around with it.



    ok its back on top…



    Okay, we could do something like this:

    #top-bar {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #000;
    padding-top: 30px;

    Actually, hold on one sec… lemme try something else first.

    Okay, yeah that’s the best I can do with it.

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