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  • noisegate95


    I have placed code in the graphine theme settings to provide sharing links. It looks great when situated at bottom of post, but readers have to “click through” to the entire post to see the buttons.

    If I choose “top of post”, the icons show up on each home page post, but they take over the text ruin the placement of images.

    I looked through the forums and came up empty other than this option will be released in v 1.7.

    Can anyone recommend what the best way of getting these icons to show up at the top of each post without jumbling up the text and images?




    That suggestion was A-OK perfect. Worked like a charm along with widget-lodgic. As you can tell I am not a css pro, so if you can quickly hint how to move it to the right rather than the left, would be awesome!!! Thanks again!



    I got it. Thanks again!

    .ra1-pw-classicWidget {
    float: right;
    position: relative;



    Ok, I’m full of questions today, and I really appreciate the assistance. When I use this widget to ad social buttons to the top it looks great. However when I click on a share button, it is sharing the page, not the post.

    I have tried to use the php widget plugin and add the code in there, but i cannot seem to get it to work properly.

    Would this be some kind of function that I have to create? Thanks. Help is appreciated.

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