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    First i have to inform you that i have searched complete forum before creating new topic and didn’t get any use full information.

    Problem 🙁

    Hello i have added social sharing button code in general setting area, i have put three code google plus, twitter, and facebook and they are showing like this 🙁 see the screenshot below, its looks weird please help me ASAP




    Kenneth John Odle


    Not a bug, so moved to Support.

    How do you want them to look? What code did you enter? Where did you get this code from? Did you follow the documentation for that code (if available)?



    thanks for fast reply.

    I want them look straight as you can see they are looking up and down and space between google plus and facebook icon and facebook to twitter icon is different. (spacing problem)

    I have entered official code of these website and i have get code from main websites only no other website.

    i have read documentation carefully before putting anything into website.

    Note: I think this is some kind of CSS problem and they can be arrange by css i don’t know exactly but this is my point of thinking.



    It’s probably simpler to grab the code from Addthis to combine all your social sharing buttons in one code snippet.

    Then add the code to:

    Graphene Options > General > Social Sharing Button

    Addthis will also track and produce statistics for your site and social sharing links.



    Thanks for the direct link but they are also not showing properly.

    i want them in one row but they are in columns 🙁


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