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    I am new to the Graphene theme and am wanting to add the social media buttons to the top bar as shown here:

    The hover effect is working for the rss feed icon but would love to have the other buttons as well.

    Thanks in advance!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.



    OK… I got the twitter one to come up but my facebook icon doesn’t show…..



    All icons are there and hovering properly.

    Try refreshing your page and clearing any cache’s.

    EDIT: Sorry, I clicked Prasanna’s link above.

    I’ll leave this for Prasanna (who should be on in a few hours).



    When I go to the Top Bar Options, I enter the Twitter info and it takes, however, any other social media info I try to put in to actiavte on the bar it doesn’t even show it’s done within the options page (included a screenshot). I hit save on the bottom, states settings saved, but still remain with only the RSS and Twitter icons. almost as if it’s limiting me to just two. tbcscreenshot.jpg



    Click the “add new social media profile” link after entering your info. NOT the save button on the bottom.



    Well I feel like a fool… Thank you so much. That’s what it was. Sorry for wasting your time! lol



    No worries.

    That particular part of the admin panel uses ajax to save the info of the social media icons. This is what allows you to drag them and reposition them also.

    Creating a new icon requires the link to be pressed. Perhaps Syahir might want to change the wording on that??

    add new social media profile

    to maybe…

    Click here to save your new Social Media Profile




    Perhaps, but it was my bad as well lol.



    No worries.

    We’ll see what he thinks.

    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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