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    All of a sudden today I noticed that my social media (facebook,twitter,google,etc.) are not appearing at the bottom of any of my post any more. I have not changed the setting. I check and the box is checked for them to appear but they are not. Can you please review my site and see what the problem could be.

    Thanks so much for your help


    Kenneth John Odle


    It would be really useful if we knew how you added these in the first place. There are many ways to add social sharing buttons to a website, but I don’t see any of that code there.

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    I add these under “Appearance” – “Graphene Options”. Then I just checked the box “show social sharing button”. I never had to add any code in the box. All the sharing options just appeared.



    you need to add code in that option.

    search for “addthis”



    where do I search for addthi? I have never had code in their before and it worked fine

    My pages display the social buttons – if you take a look. Only my post do not



    The ones on the top bar are different from those that are supposed to appear on each post.

    get code here

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